100 Pound (45kg) Club Member Reaches Unexpected Milestones with Isagenix

Lauren C: 100 Pound (45kg) Club

From a young age, Lauren always felt her health needed improvement but she didn’t realise quite how unhealthy she was until she was faced with some truth from a complete stranger. “They pointed out how overweight I was and it was shocking to hear,” recalls Lauren. “It made me realise how out of control my health was and I felt so disappointed in myself. I wanted to refresh my confidence, my health and my life.”

Often relying on food to lift her mood, Lauren had developed unhealthy habits throughout her life. “I had made some terrible habits with food,” admits Lauren. “I wasn’t exercising either so the energy wasn’t being put to use. The weight piled on and it wasn’t long until I had hit 113 kilograms. I didn’t recognise myself anymore and with my health in the state that it was, I was afraid of what the future held. I knew I needed to make a serious change to my lifestyle.”

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