How to avoid procrastination, make decisions and get things done

Do you struggle with procrastination?

I just found this post on Hack the Entrepreneur called HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS: STOP TRYING TO LEARN EVERYTHING

The quote that leapt out at me is: “Procrasti-learning is real, and it can destroy you.” I’ve been guilty of this many times and am working to keep myself accountable and productive.

The problem is, there is always more to learn, and it’s so easy to get stuck in a cycle of learning and not actually do anything.

One of the ways around the problem is to: “limit yourself to a few options, do your due diligence, and choose. Give yourself deadlines for each step of the process.” I like this concept as it narrows the focus and gets you to a decision much sooner.

What other ways have you found to avoid procrastination?

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100 Pound (45kg) Club Member Reaches Unexpected Milestones with Isagenix

Lauren C: 100 Pound (45kg) Club

From a young age, Lauren always felt her health needed improvement but she didn’t realise quite how unhealthy she was until she was faced with some truth from a complete stranger. “They pointed out how overweight I was and it was shocking to hear,” recalls Lauren. “It made me realise how out of control my health was and I felt so disappointed in myself. I wanted to refresh my confidence, my health and my life.”

Often relying on food to lift her mood, Lauren had developed unhealthy habits throughout her life. “I had made some terrible habits with food,” admits Lauren. “I wasn’t exercising either so the energy wasn’t being put to use. The weight piled on and it wasn’t long until I had hit 113 kilograms. I didn’t recognise myself anymore and with my health in the state that it was, I was afraid of what the future held. I knew I needed to make a serious change to my lifestyle.”

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The hormonal reset

This article makes a heap of sense in my way of thinking. The hormones in our body are there to regulate so many of the functions our body relies on every day.

It is also great to see modern science recognising the ancient wisdom of intermittent fasting.

The Hormonal Reset

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200lb Weight Loss Transformation

I met Cheryl Edwards from NZ when we volunteered together at a conference over the weekend.

Cheryl Edwards Weight Loss Transformation

Cheryl Edwards Weight Loss Transformation

Cheryl is an absolute hero after releasing 91kgs/ 200 pounds! That’s more than I weigh! Now.. Just stop and think about what that would take, habitually, physically & mentally… That’s EPIC Weight Loss!

Im thrilled to share a snapshot of her journey in her own words….:

“As I reflect on the past 24 months looking at my journey and remembering all the struggles and pain and what I thought was happiness. 3 weeks ago when I sat down and looked back at many photos of before and during my journey, they really show how I was feeling at that time. I’ve always been this happy, fun, loving lady who thrives on family and love from others but when I look back I was struggling and constantly battling pain and unhappiness inside myself but not showing it on the outside. As I reflect on the amazing week at Celebration learning what happiness really is and doing it all without pain is my new life…my new me…leading the way for each and everyone especially those that think they are beyond HOPE or can’t live a DREAM…ANYTHING is POSSIBLE and ONLY YOU can make it happen!! 💚💚 Love to each and everyone! #‎motivationtosuccess‬

If that is not going to motivate anyone looking for a weight loss change, nothing will. Huge respect for you Cheryl. X

#‎dedicated‬ ‪#‎change‬ ‪#‎cando‬ #weightloss

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Starting my own IsaBody Transformation

6 weeks ago I signed up to start my transformation with the IsaBody Challenge (again). I have had a great start, but this time I’ve a step further and a few days ago Xscan Body Scan done to see where I was at, but also to compare to when I finish in 10 weeks.

Body Scan - Mark Body Scan Info Sheet


Thanks to Tony from for his great special price on the scan.

There is a heap of information on there, and the full sheet of explanations to go with it, but the important parts are:

I’m a little over weight @87.8kg, “ideal” is 79.5kg for my height. No surprise there.

That 87.8kg is made up of 68.8kg of Lean Body Mass and 19kg of Total Body Fat (should be 11.9-15.9)

My Percentage Body Fat is 21.6 (down from 24.5 on a cheaper set of scales during week 1) 10-20% is considered healthy.

This is where my big goal lies. Scales don’t tell the whole story. As I put on muscle, my weight Body Scan - Brochurewill go up, but as I lose fat, my weight will go down, which is why I’m concentrating on Percentage Body Fat. My goal for this challenge is 15% with BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of <10%

Another interesting stat is Visceral Fat Level (Fat around my organs) which is at level 11 with 1-9 considered healthy. Visceral Fat Area is 106cm², and should be 50-100cm².

My Age Match to body puts me at 43, which is my age, so it’s go to know my body is acting it’s age. 🙂

The scan was a wonderful learning experience, I can’t wait to post my final transformation results.

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Why You Should Throw Away People’s Opinions And Beliefs…

Why You Should Throw Away People's Opinions And Beliefs… Who's crap have you been carrying around in your mind that you need to throw away..?If this video hits home, be sure to comment + like + definitely press the SHARE button! You never know whose life you could touch by sharing.Thanks for watching!! P.S. "We can only get in touch with our own source of intuition and wisdom when we no longer depend upon others’ opinions for our sense of identity or worth. We all tend to worship something; the question is, will we worship the god of opinion, or the god of our heart?" – Soren Kierkegaard

Posted by Jake Ducey on Monday, 8 February 2016

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